The Saskatchewan Scrap Tire Corporation (SSTC) is a non-profit, non government organization that administers and delivers a province wide waste tire recycling program for the tire retailers of the province in accordance with the Ministry of Environment’s Scrap Tire Management Regulations, 1998.  The program includes every tire type from bicycle tires to large construction and mining tires. 

Since 1998, the SSTC has diverted millions of waste tires from landfill disposal and cleaned up decades worth of old tires from municipal landfills and private lands across the province.  Yearly, the province generates the equivalent of 2 million passenger car tires that are managed by SSTC. 

The SSTC relies on a “user pay" funding model, where a tire recycling fee (TRF) is charged on the purchase of all new tires.   All revenue generated from the TRF is spent on activities directly related to the program.  

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Tire recycling is good for the environment – that’s why the SSTC developed its Community Demonstration Grant as a way to encourage Saskatchewan communities and organizations to think green when planning their projects by using products made by Saskatchewan recyclers.

The SSTC grant program awards eligible communities and organizations up to $5,000 towards the purchase and installation of Saskatchewan manufactured recycled rubber products. The grant is available to municipalities, registered non-profit groups or organizations, schools, First Nations and Metis communities who have incorporated an ever growing number of recycled tire products into their community based projects like playgrounds, sports arenas, walking paths, public areas and so much more!

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The SSTC program focuses on capturing tires at the retailer location before they have a chance to be landfilled or stockpiled on private lands in communities across the province.

The SSTC program has over 1350 retailer participants who capture tires immediately that are generated at the time of new tire purchases/changeovers and direct the waste to recycling. Consumers are always encouraged to leave their old tires with the retailers.  

Additional programs like the Return to Retailer (R2R) offered by SSTC provide solutions to Saskatchewan residents who have small numbers of accumulated waste tires to dispose of. 

The SSTC partners with a number of private businesses who collect and recycle the tires into useable marketable items that are useful for public use like road paving, playground surfaces, paving blocks/stones, shingles, mats and many other products.  


What are Tire Remittance Fees (TRFs)?

The SSTC Program relies on a user pay principle, which means that the consumer of the tire bears the responsibility for the product once it has reached the end of its useful life. All of the fees are used solely for the recycling of scrap tires and administration of the scrap tire program. 

The TRF applies wherever the first retail sale (or deemed sale) of a new tire takes place in Saskatchewan. This includes sales to non-residents that are completed within the province of Saskatchewan.

The SSTC sets the tire recycling fee that is to be charged at thepoint-of-sale of all new tires. All rates are registered and approved by the Ministry of Environment. Refer to the Tire Recycling Fee Schedule Page located in the Retailer section page for more information.

What tire types are included in the program?

Under the Saskatchewan Scrap Tire Corporation there are 5 eligible
tire types:
• Passenger Car/Light Truck
• Medium Truck
• Agricultural

Tires that are not included under the Program include:
• Wheelbarrow tires
• Wheelchair/electric mobility aid tires
• Any tire with a rim size of less than 7"

As a farmer how do I dispose of my tires?

Before the Saskatchewan Scrap Tire Corporation’s program, used tireswere often stockpiled on private property and farmland because therewas no other disposal option available. Phase III of our program calledBlack Gold Rush works with Rural Municipalities and focuses on the clean-up of these tires throughout the province at no cost to the rate-payer. To view  our pick-up map for when we will be in your
area or to register online, please visit

What about bicycle tires?

Bicycle tires are not typically part of the SSTC’s regular program in that there are no recycling fees attached to the sale of a new bike tire.  However, there is a voluntary recycling partnership between supporting bike retailers in Saskatchewan and the SSTC. The bike tire recycling program works with the existing scrap tire collection and recycling programs, funded by the SSTC.

Where do the used tires go?

The SSTC works with independent scrap tire processing businesses to ensure that scrap tires are disposed of properly. The SSTC has four registered Collectors who travel around the province collecting scrap tires from over 1,350 Registered Retailers. The tires are then transported to one of two recycling facilities located in Saskatchewan where they are recycled and repurposed into usable, marketable items such as playground surfaces, road paving material, patio blocks, shingles, mats and a whole lot more.


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