Recycle Saskatchewan is the best source of information on recyclable items that have provincial, end-of-life management programs. Recycle Saskatchewan works with the government and other stakeholders to support extended producer responsibility and product stewardship in Saskatchewan.   

For inquiries from the general public, businesses and other community organizations/groups on where to recycle both stewarded products and various other products, another resource is the Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council (SWRC). SWRC has a searchable database on their website at http://www.saskwastereduction.ca/. Just select the community and the item for recycling to get a list of places where that item can be recycled. In the search results, please note any restrictions listed. Calling ahead to make sure the location will accept the item is recommended.

SWRC can also be reached by phone at 306-931-3242 or email at info@saskwastereduction.ca. SWRC may have suggestions if an item is not included in the database.