As a recognized, industry-led, not-for-profit organization, EPRA provides the Government of Saskatchewan-approved environmental compliance program for manufacturers, distributors, and retailers of electronics. EPRA is responsible for implementing and operating, on behalf of its stewards, a responsible program for the recovery and reclamation of electronic products, in accordance with the Electronics Recycling Standard (ERS) and the Recycler Qualification Program (RQP).

Saskatchewan is an international pioneer in product stewardship for end-of-life electronics. EPRA SK is North America’s first industry-led EPR (extended producer responsibility) program for collecting and responsibly recycling a broad range of regulated electronics such as televisions, computers, and printers. The program first started in 2007.

 There is no charge to residents for dropping off electronic products at SARCAN depots. The program is funded by an Environmental Handling Fee (EHF) that is charged on the sale of new, designated electronic products. The EHF is not a tax of any kind, and it is not a deposit – these fees are paid at the time of purchase and are used to support the collection, transportation, and responsible recycling of end-of-life electronics in the province. Products that can be recycled are:

  • Display devices (TV’s, monitors, flat screens)

  • Desktop, laptop, and tablet computers

  • Printers

  • Scanners

  • Fax machines

  • Computer peripherals

  • Non-cellular phones

  • Answering machines

  • Home audio / video systems

  • Home stereo systems

  • Vehicle audio and video systems

  • Personal portable audio / video systems


Since 2007 the program has collected over 21,000 metric tonnes of electronics, diverting over 3.25 million devices from landfills and illegal export. In addition, EPRA SK has a partnership with Computers for Schools as the only sanctioned reuse and refurbishment facility in the province. Another partner is Crown Shred & Recycling which helps in handling large volume collections for the industrial, commercial, and institutional sectors. Being the first program of its kind, EPRA SK has always been a leader in championing the cause of e-recycling, both in Saskatchewan and throughout the country.

To find out more visit www.recycleMYelectronics.ca or call 306-242-6006.


Qualifying electronic devices can be dropped off at any one of SARCAN’s 71 or contact EPRA directly for large volume commercial pickups. Once they have been dropped off for recycling, they are shipped to approved North American processors for dismantling. The various components are then recycled. Through a variety of refining and smelting processes, material reclaimed from end of life electronics such as metals, plastics, and glass, are used as raw materials in the manufacturing of new products.


How is the program funded?

Stewards of the SWEEP/EPRA Saskatchewan program will pay Environmental Handling Fees (EHF) to SWEEP/EPRA Saskatchewan based on the numbers of units sold in Saskatchewan.

Why do I have to pay a fee?

The EPRA Saskatchewan program is an important initiative for the environment. Electronic waste can contain hazardous materials that could pose environmental problems in our landfill sites. The program is not funded by general taxpayers or the government, but by consumers, producers, retailers and distributors of electronics products. Many of the items returned by customers will be quite old (historic waste) or were produced by manufacturers no longer in business (orphan waste). Environmental Handling Fees (EHF) on the sale of new products assists in covering the costs of recycling historic and orphaned waste. The fee will ensure that end-of-life electronics are processed responsibly and do not end up in our landfills or exported to developing nations.

Where do the recycled electronics go?

Following collection, designated end-of-life equipment will be moved to consolidation sites in selected areas of the province where transport-efficient loads of sorted material types will be assembled. Full loads of collected designated end-of-life material are then transported to approved processing and recycling contractors. All recyclers are required to meet Electronics Product Stewardship Canada (EPSC) Recycling Vendor Qualification Standards to ensure materials are processed in an environmentally sound manner with appropriate health, safety and export provisions.

What does electronics recycling have to do with me?

The Government of Saskatchewan has issued a Waste Electronics Equipment Regulation requiring all "first sellers" of designated electronics to be part of an approved industry take-back and recycling program. SWEEP/EPRA Saskatchewan is an approved program. Does this affect my company? Yes, if you sell, distribute, manufacture or import electronic equipment within the scope of SWEEP/EPRA Saskatchewan's recyclable product list into Saskatchewan (including online sales), you must be part of an approved program. What specific products are subject to the program? As of April 1, 2011 SWEEP/EPRA Saskatchewan expanded its recycling program to include a broader range of electronic products. COMPLETE LIST

What do I do if I have a lot of product to return?

Businesses and organizations can apply to have large volumes* of EOLE picked up and recycled by SWEEP/EPRA Saskatchewan. ·Applicants must meet SWEEP/EPRA Saskatchewan's packaging standard and are provided packaging materials, transportation and recycling by SWEEP/EPRA Saskatchewan free of charge. This service may apply to large volume ICI generators or other organizations such as retailers or electronics repair operations that otherwise collect obligated material outside of the SWEEP/EPRA Saskatchewan program and do not meet the accessibility and collection standards.

* Minimum Quantities:

• Urban Centres - 3 pallets

• Rural - 5 pallets


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