Beverage Containers


SARCAN Recycling, a division of SARC, the provincial organization that supports those who provide opportunities for people with disabilities, has been collecting beverage containers for the province of Saskatchewan since 1988. The program is monitored by the Ministry of Environment's - Environmental Management Protection Act, as well as the Litter Control Designation Regulations. Since its inception, SARCAN has recycled over six billion beverage containers and averages recycling over 350 million beverage containers each year. That amounts to over 19,000 tonnes of waste kept out of Saskatchewan landfills every year. 

For more information, please visit or call 306-933-0616.


SARCAN recycles a number of different beverage containers; aluminum/other metal cans, plastic bottles and jugs (non-dairy), glass bottles (excluding beer), juice boxes/carton, and refillable beer bottles. Consumers can bring their beverage containers to one of 72 SARCAN recycling depots across 63 communities in Saskatchewan.


How do I do a return for a bottle drive, restaurant, or other larger order?

For large groups such as schools, restaurants, bottle drives, weddings, public events, etc. SARCAN accepts bulk returns. In order to ensure that our depots have the appropriate resources and staff to handle a bulk return, we require that you contact the depot you wish to return your bottles to and set up an appointment with them.

What is the deposit-refund beverage container recycling program?

The majority of the beverage containers sold in our province are legislated by the Government of Saskatchewan, which means that they are subject to a deposit that is paid by the customer upon purchase.  When the container is returned to SARCAN, that deposit is refunded to the customer. 

In addition to the deposit fee, there is an environmental handling fee that is a non-refundable fee paid at the time of purchase. The environmental handling fees are collected by the Government of Saskatchewan, and these fees are used to fund SARCAN Recycling.

SARCAN has been in partnership with the Government of Saskatchewan's Ministry of Environment since 1988, and this system is one of the most efficient and effective in Canada.  

Why is there a $75 limit for deposit refunds per person per week?

The $75 limit for deposit refunds per person per week is intended to stop the flow of containers from out-of-province.  In order to return containers to SARCAN, you must be a resident of Saskatchewan and your containers must be purchased in Saskatchewan. There are bulk order returns exemptions offered at SARCAN depots for schools, bottle drives, restaurants, public events, weddings, etc.  For more information, please contact us.  

Why are excessively dirty or broken containers refused?

SARCAN provides a safe environment for our employees and customers.  Broken containers or contaminated containers pose a serious risk to our staff and customers.

What happens to the materials recycled at SARCAN?

All materials collected at SARCAN are recycled into everyday, useable products.  No materials are ever put in landfills.  Please visit for more information.

Why are customers signatures and phone numbers required on tally sheets?

Phone numbers and signatures are required as there is a $75.00 refund limit per person per week.  Bootlegging is a crime in Saskatchewan, and the $75.00 limit helps control the movement of out-of-province containers. If containers were not purchased in Saskatchewan, a deposit was not paid in Saskatchewan. 

Customer information provides both a record of your returns to SARCAN and the ability for us to track your order should a discrepancy occur.


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