Agricultural Waste



Cleanfarms is a Canadian not-for-profit organization committed to environmental responsibility through industry stewardship. We make it possible for farmers to safely dispose of or recycle agricultural packaging waste through programs supported by our members – companies that supply farms with the products needed to feed a growing population.

Cleanfarms is best known for its empty commercial pesticide and fertilizer container recycling program, which has been available since 1989. Starting in 2018, Cleanfarms began managing the province’s grain bag recycling program.

How Are Agricultural Pesticide and Fertilizer Containers Recycled in Saskatchewan?

  • Cleanfarms works with Saskatchewan ag-retailers to ensure containers are managed properly.

  • Farmers typically return their clean, rinsed empty pesticide and liquid fertilizer containers to the point of sale.

  • After collection, the plastic from the containers is cleaned, shredded and then pelletized and turned into farm drainage tile, which is frequently used back on the farm.

How Are Grain Bags Recycled in Saskatchewan?

Rolled grain bags are accepted at collection sites across the province. Cleanfarms works primarily with municipal collection sites to offer this new program across the province.

After collection, grain bags are shipped to approved end markets. Grain bags are typically recycled into items like garbage bags.

What Other Programs Does Cleanfarms Offer?

Cleanfarms offers programs to manage a variety of agricultural wastes including:

  • Obsolete or unwanted pesticides and equine/livestock medications – offered in each region once every three years.

  • Empty seed & pesticide bags – pilots are underway in Western Canada.

Further Information

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