Taking care of our beautiful province is a task that has been set before every resident of this great province. Recycle Saskatchewan (RS) exists for the promotion of responsible recycling in Saskatchewan. RS also lives to promote awareness of Product Management Programs within Saskatchewan. RS acts as a unified voice for these stewardship organizations, and supports the province wide cause of creating a recycling minded culture within the province.

What is Recycle Saskatchewan?

Recycle Saskatchewan (RS) is an umbrella organization for product stewardship programs in Saskatchewan. It has established a vision of creating “A clean and green Saskatchewan” with a mission to  “collectively advance and grow provincial product management programs in Saskatchewan”.

Recycle Saskatchewan is:

  • The trusted voice and champion of recycling in the province. 
  • An influential and unified voice, serving as advocates to the government in regards to the role and benefits of industry-driven stewardship programs in Saskatchewan.
  • Able to provide clarity and promotion of the options of responsible recycling in Saskatchewan. 
  • Able to assist the public with the impending changes facing recycling in Saskatchewan. 
  • A “one-stop-shop” for information on recycling options and services. 
  • The organization with the expertise and knowledge that will allow for the continued success of end-of-life product recycling in the province. 
  • The mentor for new product stewards that are being developed within the province. 
  • A source for formal and informal education on recycling.