What is Recycle Saskatchewan?

Recycle Saskatchewan is a coalition of organizations working with government, service providers and other stakeholders to support extended producer responsibility and product stewardship in Saskatchewan.   

Recycle Saskatchewan is:

  • The trusted voice and champion of product stewardship and extended producer responsibility in the province.

  • An influential and unified voice, serving as advocates to the government in regards to the role and benefits of industry-driven stewardship programs in Saskatchewan.

  • The organization with the expertise and knowledge that will allow for the continued success of end-of-life product recycling in the province.

  • The mentor for new product stewards that are being developed within the province.

Members of Recycle Saskatchewan

Our member organizations manage end-of-life product management programs in the province of Saskatchewan.

Recycle Saskatchewan members are independent organizations that have joined together to support and enhance the post-consumer management of products and their packaging. Our members have the following in common: 

  • Are responsible for managing the proper end-of-life of specific products and packaging in Saskatchewan.

  • Have legitimate authority for managing the post-consumer stage of a product or packaging, either based on provincial legislation or a public mandate.

  • Are committed to minimizing the environmental impact of a product or packaging. 

Our member organizations are: 

New Members

We are interested in connecting with other programs and organizations that would like to explore joining our coalition. Please email info@recyclesaskatchewan.ca to connect with us.